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Agrochemical analyzes in "Agrolab" are carried out with the latest technologies


Agrolab Agricultural laboratory has been serving farmers and leading agricultural companies of the country since 2019. Our laboratory is a member of the network of "Agro Analysis" laboratories with extensive experience in the field of agriculture in the CIS. This network includes laboratories of countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Georgia. In our laboratory, the analysis of soil, plants, seeds and irrigation water is carried out with modern equipment and methods.

Our staff consists of highly professional specialists. In addition, they are regularly involved in training to improve their knowledge and skills.

Starting from this year, according to the innovations related to agrochemical analysis, farmers with more than 10 hectares of land must undergo agrochemical analysis of their fields in order to receive subsidies.

Agrolab conducts agrochemical analyzes intended for subsidy, and the price of one sample is 27 Azn.

Farmers who perform agrochemical analysis of their fields will be able to learn the soil's need for nutrients and determine the type of fertilizer needed by the plant.

In addition, farmers can get information and apply on the official website and social media accounts.

Additionally, they can contact us by calling +994 51 229 63 60 or writing via WhatsApp.


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