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Agrolab Agricultural Laboratory was established in 2019 in Yevlakh region as part of Azersheker with the support of and accompanied by Agro Analysis agricultural laboratories network known in the CIS. Agrolab Agricultural Laboratory is at your service for the creation of modern agricultural farms, their development with proper and new approaches. In our laboratory, agrochemical, microbiological and phytopathological analyzes of soil..



Agro Development (Oghuz)

We are planting new gardens and therefore we have provided the samples to “Agrolab” laboratory of “Azersheker” LLC for analysis before buying saplings. We have presented the samples to another laboratory to make sure, and the results were the same and accurate as of “Agrolab”.

Muradov Yusif - (Tovuz)

We have large orchards. Our trees were drying out and we could not find the reason. We invited “Agrolab” specialists to our orchards. They inspected the orchards with a very professional staff and took samples from trees and soil. The analysis revealed that there were nematodes in the roots of trees, which penetrate the roots and feed on its sap, and it was gradually causing the trees to dry out. We handled nematodes in our orchards and solved our problem. Thank you very much “Agrolab”!

Shamkir Agropark (Shamkir)

The trees were drying out in our orchards, and we could not find the reason. We applied to “Agrolab” laboratory. Specialists inspected the garden and samples were taken. The reason of drying was the fact that invisible insects were eating the trunks of trees from the inside. It was found out during microscopic examination that the trunk sample was filled with insect holes. 

Grand Agro (Turkan settlement, Baku)

We want to lay out a new garden, so we have invited “Agrolab” staff to the area where the garden to be laid out for soil analysis. We are much obliged that they have come and taken samples very promptly and professionally, and presented our results in a short time.

Teymurkhanli Farid (Khachmaz)

We wanted to make a new garden in our lands located in Khachmaz. We applied to “Agrolab” laboratory and gave a sample for soil analysis. The analysis revealed that our lands were not suitable for garden, and the level of salinity was higher than normal. We had to clear the land from salts and postpone planting until next year. We are much obliged that they have informed us accurately and given appropriate recommendations, otherwise we would have to spend money to plant a garden, and our trees could have lag in growing and dry out. We would recommend all farmers to analyze the soil of the area not only before planting, but even before buying a plot of land.

Hasan Allahverdiyev (Oghuz)

We have gardens in Oghuz. We had suspicions about irrigation water. We provided a sample from water to “Agrolab” for analysis and took appropriate measures based on the results. The result is positive.

“MKT Production Commerce” LLC

We provided soil samples from all our fields to Agrolab for analysis, and the analysis results proved all our doubts to be right. They also recommended a fertilizer amount to provide the nutrients lacking in the soil. 

Aliyev Saftar (Buzovna settlement, Baku)

We have vegetable greenhouses (cucumbers, tomatoes). We were not satisfied with the productivity for years. We decided to give our soil for analysis, so we applied to “Agrolab” laboratory. The analysis revealed that the nutrients contained in the soil and their absorption by plants were not enough. In this regard, “Agrolab” specialists gave us effective recommendations on the normal amount of fertilizer to be given within the year and the method of handling, and after that there was indeed an increase in our productivity. Thank you very much.

Gurbanov Mahammad (Goranboy)

Every year, I grow barley and wheat in my land. I provided the seeds to be sawn to “Agrolab” for analysis before planting this year. They analyzed the germinating capacity and germination rate of the seeds and provided very accurate results. I recommend everyone to check the quality of seeds before planting.

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